Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Job

I guess the title says most of it... I'm actually just shy of 3 months into it, now. Yes, I no longer work for a Pretty Big ManufacturerTM, in Nashville, TN. ;-)

In short, for a variety of reasons, I started looking around some this past spring. Not in a very serious "must-have-a-new-job-now" sort of way; just seeing what was out there. I ended up with two fairly attractive offers to consider. In the end, I went with one that's taken me to Phoenix, AZ - yes, a long way from Nashville, TN (to the tune of 1,700 miles or so). I may try and post more detail of my decision process, et al, on that one at a later date, but for now, this is the brief.

I think it will be a really good move for me - clearly I wouldn't have moved cross-country otherwise, and it definitely seems to have been thus far. It's taken me out of supply chain systems and into project management - though I still hold that life's just one big supply chain; it's all in how you look it at. ;-)

Anyhow, I like to play a bit coy with exactly who my employer is (past and present) on this blog, though if you try hard enough (and not really that hard), you can probably find my entire employment history. I will say that the position I ended up taking was a direct result of a connection via the MBA program.

Clearly, then, I have found some benefit in the program. Additionally, though, the fact that it was online gave me the freedom to consider a cross-country move without disrupting my school schedule - had I been attending a physical location, I would have been much more "chained" to my (now former) location.

So - that's it for now. Hardly an excuse for my paltry updates, but hopefully it explains some of why I slacked off - I've had just a few things going on. ;-) And now that we're out of Finance - taught by a prof who is widely agreed to be the toughest in the program - I'm hoping to publish updates a bit more frequently. But I guess we'll see.