Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Business Experiment

Rob, from over at BusinessPundit, has a really neat idea he blogged about, now called The Business Experiment. In short, it's going to be an experiment in an "Open Source business model". Being an Open Source Software nerd, of course I find it interesting!


Steve Lail said...

I just ran across your website and it has been a godsend of information. I am from the Charlotte, NC area and even though there are decent schools near they also cost a small fortune to attend. Wake Forest has a weekend MBA program where you attend every Saturday for two years and an evening program, but none of these are cheap and Wake has fallen in the rankings quite a bit the last few years. The online route is therefore appealing to me and ASU and U. of Florida are places I have considered. I look forward to hearing about your experiences at ASU and thanks for the detailed info on your site. It has been very helpful.

dforester said...

Hi, Steve - Glad it's been of use to you! I actually just got back from the first week of orientation at ASU, and I'm hoping to get my review of that up within the next day or two. Good luck with your decisions!