Wednesday, March 08, 2006

BW: Online Education Never Felt So Real

An interesting read (chat transcript, really) with some students in the online program at Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, Spain

BusinessWeek: Online Education Never Felt So Real

One well-to-note point about their program is that at least part of it is synchronous (as opposed to asynchronous) - so you do have to be logged in at a specific time.

There were two particularly good quotes/insights that apply to online education in general that caught my eye, both by David Standen:
The truth is, businesses have been demanding more of this kind of program for a long time. They run their entire operations in a blended format -- presentational and online -- and are used to maintaining relationships using online media. They have no problem accepting this like any other MBA program.
From my side, one of the places we've seen a big difference is in the level of networking after graduation. In a traditional program, students are used to seeing each other every morning, so when they disperse around the world, they don't maintain close contact because they're not used to the daily Internet communication.
Anyhow - give it a read!


Chris said...

That's an interesting concept that I hadn't yet considered - there will be no "moving away" once we graduate (I'm in Daniel's cohort at W. P. Carey). There's no reason to expect we won't keep up the contacts we've developed through this program, since there will be no additional geospatial boundaries to separate us as we continue our careers.

Nice to see you haven't forsaken this blog Daniel! How's OB treating ya?

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