Saturday, August 19, 2006

Connected Learning Gains Ground...

... in India.

Connected learning gains ground

Nothing otherwise unique about the article; it's a quick read.

My thoughts: It's intuitively cheap to deliver online education (contrary to what my tuition bill might reflect! ;-) ...). Institutions in lower-cost countries will accept lower margins - and indeed, US/European institutions might accept lower margins in order to deliver to them.

So, advanced degrees - MBA's in particular - get commoditized. I kind of figured this was coming in the US; heck, it's part of why I opted for online. The MBA is fast becoming the new bachelor's degree - it will matter less and less where (or how) you got it; you just need to have it. It's not as much of a differentiator anymore, at least in and of itsself. But it's not just the local populace - it's the international populace.

Read: It's not just programming and engineering up for out-sourcing before too long - better differentiate!

Take note, my friends!


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