Saturday, June 30, 2007

What ELSE I did while in school

I just thought this might be a fun quick exercise, if nothing else for amusement/history - but also to perhaps demonstrate the "flexibility" benefit of going online, especially with a few things falling into the "life happens" category!

Roughly chronologically...
  • Traveled out-of-town to see family for the Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc) routinely, almost always submitting a quiz or final while I was there (funny how that worked out...)
  • Got a new job with a new company
  • Moved across the country for said job (in the middle of Marketing), including selling a house, etc.
  • Went to a funeral back across the country (worked on a module & case competition)
  • Spent 2 weeks in India on business (and turned in a quiz overlooking the Arabian Sea ;-) ...)
  • Had a baby (well, my wife did ;-) ...) in the middle of the last class (read a module & case waiting in the hospital).
  • Baby had brain surgery (youch!) the day before faux-graduation (didn't go, needless to say! She's okay; more on her here if interested)
  • Did the whole "newborn" thing while finishing up the capstone course for the last few weeks.
I know many others who traveled quite a bit more than I, and I wasn't the only one to move mid-class (though I can't say I recommend it), have a baby, attend an out-of-state funeral for a relative, or have their child have surgery, all while in school. But - there ya have it!

Oh - the one thing I didn't do while in school (except while on summer break)? Go on vacation. ;-)


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