Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Got the bill...

Well, I got the bill from ASU today... not quite the bill, I guess, so much as the options for payment plans. The Arizona Board of Regents decided that the price needed to go up, too, to $19k per year, which equates to $38k total (up from $34k). Regents will be regents, I suppose.

My company will pay a fixed amount (hint: See the IRS cut-off for taxable employer-provided educational assistance) that's reasonable, but won't cover everything. Though my anticpated income/expenses should theoretically allow me to cover the balance as I go, I'd rather have one less thing to stress over. Thereby, I'm planning on getting my good ol' Uncle Sam to float it for me, and I ought to be able to hit him back pretty quick after I'm done.

I got off easy for my undergrad, not having to do the whole student loan thing. The whole process is pretty foreign to me. FAFSA's and EFC's and SAR's and what-not - all very intimidating to the uninitiated. I e-mailed the business school's dedicated financial aid specialist late last week. I sent another inquiry today, and got a quick response with tons of information - more than I could really have hoped for, really - very high marks for that. They've put together a very comprehensive checklist with every contact, website, and deadline at both ASU and the FSA. They ought to post it as a proper web-page, really, but I appreciate the detailed compilation of information.

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