Wednesday, April 20, 2005

This isn't really on topic with my MBA, as much as keeping up with the volumes of MBA blogs and news sources out there. That said... I've got to say, is pretty darn cool. I've known of RSS syndication for a while now, but never really truly used or appreciated it. I really don't know what I was waiting for (maybe a good reader...?) - it makes monitoring many sites so much easier. I like BlogLines in particular as a web-based RSS-reader over client-side RSS readers because:
  • My reading is up-to-date, whether at home or work
  • It's OS-independent
  • I can publish my links directly from there, so when I find a new site I want to monitor, I don't have to update my RSS reader, my blog, so on and so forth.
Anyhow, I believe they're owned by - I think Google ought to buy 'em out. Not only would it be a great complement to Blogger, but I think they'd have a field day with yet-more data to search and write algorithms for.

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