Saturday, April 02, 2005

Where to apply?

[Note: This is a back-post, to catch-up this blog, since it was started after the whole MBA application process had begun.]

If it's not obvious, I had already decided that online was right for me. So where did I decide to apply, and why? I settled on applying to the online programs at the W. P. Carey School of Business (online page) at Arizona State University, and at the Kelley School of Business (online page) at Indiana University. I chose to apply to these two because they both...
  • Are well-reputed, ranked, and AACSB-accredited. IU is #18 in BusinessWeek, #23 in US News & World Report. ASU is "Top 30-50" in BusinessWeek, #29 in US News & World Report, and #66 in the Financial Times (global rankings).
  • Seem to have well-developed online programs, as opposed to having some two-bit hackery of a web-page that my little sister could have made with MS Word to say, "Look, we're online!"
  • Are priced in my range (ASU - $34,000 + travel; IU - $40,000 + travel + books/materials).
So did I come upon ASU and IU as options? My general search criteria for candidates to consider was "The best-ranked MBA program with an online version". Basically, I started working my way down the rankings of full-time programs at US News & World Report, looking at the homepage of each school to see which ones had online programs, and fell into my price range. Of course, I was cross-referencing with BusinessWeek and the Financial Times and others, and evaluated how each candidate school met my earlier criteria, but that's the short version.


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