Thursday, April 14, 2005

Waiting & Work

Not much new, here... I really can't wait for July, to get started. I'm sure shortly after, I'll probably be hating life, between work and school, but I'm really looking forward to it for now. I've got the detail of orientation and the first year's course schedule, down to the day, so it's all seeming very real. Now if I could just find a flight to AZ that meets my price... ;-) Past that, I just need to get in gear over finding the right financing for school. My company will pay up to $5,250 per calendar year towards school, providing you bring back satisfactory grades. Between that and my anticipated income/expenses, I should theoretically not need any loans, but I'd rather have the buffer.

Work is odd right now - on paper, I'm pretty busy, but in reality, I have some very busy days and some very lazy days. Between a six sigma training project, one project that's still in development limbo (on-track, but not much I can or need to do right now, save resolve some minor issues), one that's finished phase I, but am awaiting the internal customer for phase II, and two that are just starting up - I have a lot to juggle, but pretty much everything save the six sigma is in some manner of a holding pattern. I'm doing what I can to break some of 'em out, but ... well ... sometimes things just can't go as fast as we want, which pretty well sums this whole post up. ;-)

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