Friday, April 01, 2005


This blog will hopefully chronicle my experiences with earning an MBA, via online delivery. You'll likely notice that I've taken to referring to them as an "MBA - online" as opposed to an "online MBA" - There is a subtle yet distinct difference between the connotations and implications of the two references. But then, that's part of the purpose of this blog, so I'll not digress further at this point! I'm doing this out of personal interest at seeing exactly what the heck I was thinking as time marches on, and to hopefully be of some benefit to others out there trying to decide how to earn their MBA.

And with that, I'll jump right in.

Who am I?
As of this writing, I'm 25 years old, a B.S. graduate of Georgia Tech's Industrial Engineering program, and currently work for a Pretty Big(tm) manufacturer. At said manufacturer, I work in Supply Chain Development. It's an interesting job, as it requires knowledge of technology, "the business", business in general, some text-book Industrial Engineering concepts, project management, and so on. I'm recently married to a wife I love dearly, having met her while at Georgia Tech. Both of us being engineers, our dates are understandably geeky at best, but we have fun. I enjoy wood-working, beer brewing, and camping/hiking/backpacking. I volunteer with the Boy Scouts, Junior Achievement, and Habitat for Humanity on occasion. I'm a self-defined Libertarian, with a personal conservative bent.

Why an MBA?
I decided shortly after graduating with my undergrad that I would eventually want to get my MBA. Those reasons are various and sundry - in short, they all probably boil down to improving myself and staying competitive.

Why a Part-Time MBA (versus Full-Time)?
Online is a subset of part-time MBA's. I'll save "why online" for later - but why am I in this part-time market to begin with? I like what I do at work. I like my career options at my current employer. I like making money. I like tuition reimbursement. I like living in my house. I just don't want the things that so require attending a top 10-15 program full time - namely, I don't want to be a Wall Street Investment Banker, and I'm not looking to make a drastic career change upon graduation.

Why now?
From above, it's a given that I want to earn my MBA. Also from above, it's a given that I have a wife, and we do eventually want to have children. My thought even before graduating with my undergrad was, "If I'm going to go back to school, I'd better do it sooner rather than later." Between the time school (full or part-time) takes, and the general addictiveness of not having to do homework, being out of school is easy to get used to. If/when we have kids, I'll of course want to spend time with them. I've been in the "real world" for 3 years, now - to me, the time is right!

I guess that's enough for an introduction. I'll delve into why I chose online, why I looked at the programs I did, and why I chose the program I chose later.


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