Monday, September 26, 2005


Our prof for our current class posted this message this morning:

Well, I have no idea how she did it, but [STUDENT] got her quiz done before the deadline last night (even though she didn't have to make that deadline). Since she had no internet connection, she phoned in the answers to [ADMINISTRATOR]'s voice mail! This ranks up there with the all-time hurricane award winners (from last year) for going above and beyond under unbelievably bad circumstances.

We all wish [STUDENT] and her family (and all of the others who are storm affected) the long run of good luck that they so richly deserve!

Wow! As some background, [STUDENT] was chased out of New Orleans to Houston by Katrina, and then again out of Houston by Rita. Recall, while we are in our classes, we have one quiz due each week, Sunday night (not to mention an exercise to Saturday night). Forget the act of actually taking the quiz; what is more monumental to me is that she was able to cover the material enough to feel comfortable taking the quiz, when she could have "taken a pass". This says two great things to me:

  1. The caliber of students in our program is exceptional. I mean... Talk about dedication!
  2. The faculty/staff really do care about your education, and will do everything reasonably possible to accomodate any extenuating circumstances.
Anyhow - just an interesting point of info - I thought it was really impressive.

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Steffan von Hoffman said...

It does say volumes about the caliber of students that the program is able to attract. That was certainly an amazing act of dedication to the program and I wish the student the best of luck in recovering from the disaster.