Saturday, June 02, 2007


Wow - have I not posted since November?!!?

Clearly - I completely ran out of time for this thing. Which I guess speaks to the quality of the program, my job, my family - or all of the above. ;-)

BUT - for now - I AM DONE. Assuming my final project passes, anyway. ;-) To the 3 people that read this - now ya know. ;-)


Anonymous said...

So... was it worth it? ;)

sklail said...

Thanks for the update! Was the program everything that you thought it would be and did the school live up to its reputation? How do you like living in Arizona and what are the major differences between the desert southwest and the south? Best of luck in the future mate!

Joel said...

Are professors active enough in your courses? How much are they involved?

How many of your 12 courses were taught by adjunct faculty?


Anonymous said...


Do you think that 5 weeks +1 week is too short to learn a course? How do you feel? Do you feel that there are something else important left out that you would like to explore?